Different stages of core members

  • Contributor: As soon as you post a comment, fix a typo, ask a question or report a bug etc. , you become an active contributor.
  • Contributor followed by a mentor: Spotted active contributors can be asked to get a mentor to speedup their learning of this project.
  • Core member: Once other core members consider that a contributor is ready to be promoted, a core member opens a private vote for the candidate.

Core members

Name Contribution
KunYu Chen BDFL, Project Founder, The man who runs the show
YuShiang Dang Triage Team Lead, Core Developer, Rule generation system, Malware Analyst
JunWei Song Project Co-Founder, Engine Implementation (Malware Scoring System), Frontend, Testing
ShengFone Lu Core Developer, Triage Team Member, Rizin Engine Implementation
ShunTe Lin Core Developer, Triage Team Member
AnWei Kung Core Developer, Backend (database, downloader, API), Testing
ChaoWen Li Quark Community Development
Sin Malware Analyst, Detection Rules, Engine Implementation (Malware Anti-Detection)
IokJin Sih Malware Analyst
YunChen Liu Artwork Design, Frontend


Consultant is the one who is important to this project and shows great support to our engine.

Chun-I Fan
HY Lin
Jheng-Jia Huang
Lin Gao-Yu
Pippen Wang