Quark MIT Program

Quark MIT aims to create a WIN-WIN for both new comers and the community.

For new comers, the community helps you to build a stronger resume by creating specific works that fit the job description of your DREAM JOB.

For the community, Quark-Engine gets new energy by the work the new comers contribute.
And the most important of all, the Quark community gets to GROW.
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Quark to You

We help our MIT program members to build stronger resumes upon Quark-Engine in just 5 specific steps.


You to Quark

Alunies are expected to positive feedbacks and continously participation of the Quark Community (not mandatory).


Better Community

We believe helping people is the key to build a better community.


Minumum Requirements

Members need to complete at least 1 goal every 6 months.


Contact us

Send a direct message to our Twitter @quarkengine to join this program!