Development Notes

Git Branching Model

Quark-engine source code is available in our official Git repository.

We have 6 branches.

  • master:

    • This is the stable and releasing branch.
  • dev:

    • This is where we commit our beta version.
    • When all the features are fully tested, it will be merged to master branch.
  • feature:

    • This is where we develop new features for the project.
    • Once it’s done, it will be merged to dev branch.
  • testing:

    • This is where we write tests for the codebase and new feature.
    • When it’s done, it will be merged to dev branch.
  • hotfix:

    • This branch is used to fix bugs.
    • Will be merged to dev and master
  • doc:

    • This is where we update our documentation.
    • Just like hotfix branch, will be merged to dev and master.

Release Versioning

Our versioning logic is quite simple. We use the year and month of the release as a version number. v19.10 means we release this version in Oct. 2019.

Ticketing System

To submit reports or feature requests, please use GitHub’s Issue tracking system.


To submit your patch, just create a Pull Request from your GitHub fork. If you don’t know how to create a Pull Request take a look to GitHub help.